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How To Make Money With Google AdSense – Detailed Guide For Beginners

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 How To Make Money With Google AdSense – Detailed Guide For Beginners

Do you want to learn everything about Google AdSense? Then here is your most detailed Google AdSense guide.


Adsense is the best and simple way to monetize your blog or website. It is one of the best ways to earn recurring income from your blogs.


If you want to monetize your blog and earn recurring income then read this complete guide.


This article will help you to know:


Google AdSense

What Is Google AdSense?


How AdSense works

How Google AdSense Works?


Eligibility requirements

How To Get Approval From Google AdSense Quickly?


Create AdSense Account

How To Create Google AdSense Account?


AdSense Ad Placing

How To Place AdSense Ads On WordPress Website?


AdSense account secure

How To Secure Your Google AdSense Account From Invalid Click Activity?


AdSense payment

How & When Does Google AdSense Pay?


AdSense alternatives

What To Do If Your Application Is Rejected?


boost AdSense revenue

How To Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue?



Frequently Asked Questions


So, let’s get started.


What Is Google AdSense?

AdSense is an advertising program from Google for publishers to make money from blogging. It was launched in 2003 and now it is the most popular advertising program on the internet.


It is a free and simple way to earn money by displaying ads on your blog. The most loved thing about AdSense is that it is a contextual ad network.


This means you can show quality, relevant (based on the context of the article or based on readers’ interest) and engaging ads to your site visitors. Also, it gives you the freedom to customize the look and feel of ads to match your site.


How Google AdSense Works?

The whole process is quite simple. Once you got the approval from AdSense, all you need to is, add a few lines of unique ad codes to your blog pages or sidebar widget or different places. After that, AdSense will show ads based on different criteria.


How Google AdSense works

Being a contextual ad network, AdSense will take care of ad display. It will display ads according to the content type or user’s interest.


For contextual advertisements, Google’s servers use a web cache of the page created by its crawler bot (Google bot) to determine the set of high-value keywords. If keywords have been cached already, advertisements are served for those keywords based on the Google Ads bidding system.


Once Ads were started showing on your blog or website, all you need to focus on driving more traffic to blog or website to earn more.


When visitors visiting your website will click on AdSense ads, you will start making money. In some scenarios, Google pays you when visitors even see the ads. Overall it is the easiest way to make money online, but all you need to do is writing good quality content and driving targeted traffic to your website.


How To Get Approval From Google AdSense Quickly?

Getting AdSense approval is the biggest dream of every blogger.


Unfortunately, AdSense did not give approval for all bloggers or website owners due to its strict terms and conditions.


So, you and your site need to meet some eligibility requirements to participate in the AdSense program. If you follow these eligibility requirements then you can easily and quickly get AdSense approval.


Here is the list of eligibility requirements for Google AdSense:


1. You Must Be Over 18 Years Of Age

This is the first and foremost important requirement to get AdSense approval. According to AdSense terms and conditions person or publisher must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the AdSense program.



If you are not yet 18, then you may have a parent or guardian sign up AdSense using their own Google Account. If their AdSense account is approved, then you will receive your payments on their bank account.


2. You Must Own And Control Your Website

To use the AdSense account, you must own and control your site. In short, the website should be yours and you must have access to the HTML source code of your site.


This is because while creating AdSense account you need to add AdSense code in the header (<head>) section of your site to verify its ownership.


If you did not own a site and you just sign up with that site then you will not be able to add the AdSense code to the site. Due to this AdSense won’t able to verify your site ownership and your AdSense account doesn’t get approved.


3. Your Site Must Have Unique And Interesting Content

As a blogger, we all know that Content is the king. Site content is the first and foremost thing you need to focus on before applying for AdSense.


Valuable and original content on your site will help you to build a strong and loyal user base you need. And AdSense always looks for such websites to show its ads.


If Google finds your site is full of scraped, stolen, and content that doesn’t make sense or provides no value to a reader, then obviously it will decline your application.


So, you must focus on providing valuable and original content to your users. As long as you are writing your own content your site SEO, ranking, and AdSense account will be safe. Otherwise, everything will get ruin.


4. Your Site Content Must Comply With Google Content Policies

Always be careful with what type of content you are publishing. Because Google has a lot of restrictions on the kind of content that can be on a site they monetize.


Your website cannot contain things like pornography or adult materials, pirated content, hacking or cracking tutorials, illegal drugs or paraphernalia content, weapon sales and so on.


google publisher policies

Take a look at the complete list of content that is not accepted by AdSense. These contents are not allowed by AdSense to monetize.


If you are already written about listed contents, then you should get rid of them before applying AdSense. Otherwise, stop dreaming about AdSense.


Make sure you are not going to write articles on these contents in the future after getting AdSense approval. This is because AdSense will suspend your account immediately after finding such content on your site.


5. Your Site Must Use A Supported Language

Website language is another important factor to get AdSense approval because AdSense doesn’t support every single language in the World.


They’re serving ads for popular or most readable languages so that readers can view the ads. So, make sure that your site’s primary language or content is in the supported language to apply for AdSense.


Below is the list of supported languages at the time of writing this article – Check here:



6. You Site Should Not Have Copyright Content

All content you display on your site, from images to text to videos, must be something that you own or you are allowed to use or share under copyright law.


For example, Your site should have the content you wrote yourself, images you created yourself, a logo that you created yourself or paying someone, a video that you have recorded and other such elements.


According to AdSense copyright policies, your site should not include stolen or copied content, images with no license to use, or video that someone created.


Basically, displaying any form of third-party content on your site as your own is against the AdSense copyright policies. In such cases, AdSense will not show ads on such content and there will be a higher chance of getting suspended from the AdSense program.


So, create quality content from scratch, use your own images and videos and other forms of content. If you have to use someone’s content such as images or videos then get their permission to use it on your site or give credit to the website or person who has created it under the image or video (This shows that this content is not yours).


7. You Must Not Circulate Fake Traffic

Google is very strict in terms of website traffic. Your site must get traffic from legal sources like search engines, social media, and related blogs.


As Google says:


“Clicks on Google ads must result from genuine user interest. Any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions on your Google ads is strictly prohibited. These prohibited methods include, but are not limited to, repeated manual clicks or impressions, automated click and impression generating tools and the use of robots or deceptive software. Please note that clicking your own ads for any reason is prohibited.”


Also, Google mentioned in its program policies that –


“Google ads may not be placed on pages receiving traffic from certain sources. For example, publishers may not participate in paid-to-click programs, send unwanted emails or display ads as the result of the action of any software application. Also, publishers using online advertising must ensure that their pages comply with Google’s Landing Page Quality Guidelines.”


So, don’t use such illegal methods to earn more money from Google AdSense. If you do, AdSense detects the illegal activities happing on your site and ban you from their program.


8. Your Site Should Not Have An Abusive Experience

Usually, AdSense doesn’t appreciate or approve the site with an abusive experience. Such as:


AdSense abusive experiences

Basically, AdSense bans those sites that contain a page that look like it’s trying scam users, steal information, deliver malware, or other types of abusive experience or fraud.


So, create the content to share knowledge, experience, or love. Do not create content to abuse someone or something.


These are some official eligibility requirements you should meet before applying for the AdSense program.


Once your site meets all official eligibility requirements, follow some other tricks or techniques mentioned below to get AdSense approval quickly.


These are some legal tricks and techniques to get AdSense approval in the first try. All these techniques have helped me to get Adsense approval for this site in 6 days.


So, let’s see:


9. Write High-Quality Content

The first and foremost important thing you need to write high-quality content before applying for AdSense program. This is a very important factor that you can’t ignore or neglect at any cost.


Google loves the site which provides or providing high-quality, informative, and helpful articles to its visitors. So, you need to write such articles on your site. If you are writing SEO Friendly articles on your site then it will definitely help you get AdSense approval as well as to rank your blog post in search engine results page (SERP).


High-quality content means it should be:


unique and original

has proper headings and bullet points

free from grammatical mistakes

long enough (minimum 750 words), and useful & informative.

So, make sure your site’s pages/posts are ready for AdSense before you sign up.


Write high quality content

11. Create Clear Navigation Menu

Not creating essential pages on site is the common mistake new bloggers make. Without creating a proper website it is impossible to get AdSense approval and to build visitors’ trust.


Having essential pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, and Disclosure on your site will help you to build trust among your visitors and customers.


Also, these pages are mandatory for all websites and they will help you to get approval from Google AdSense.


NOTE: Once you created the Privacy policy page, make sure to select it or change it in Setting >> Privacy Policy page.


Create Essential pages

If you are not getting AdSense approval then this will be the major reason. So, without wasting time create essential pages on your site.


10. Create Essential Pages On Your Site

Navigation is an important element for your users to know their way around your website. Basically, it makes easy for your users to find out the pages or content that they are looking for.


navigation menu

Here is what Google says your site should have:


Navigation should be easy to accessible

Elements of your navigation bar should be lined up properly

Text on the navigation menu should be easy to read

Elements, drop-downs, and links on the navigation should work properly

Navigation should be functional both on desktops and mobile devices

So, don’t forget to add your site’s important pages in the navigation menu. This will improve the experience of your site visitors and increase the chance of getting AdSense approval.


12. Categorize Your Blog Posts

If you are publishing too many blog posts then arrange relevant blog posts in different categories.



Categories basically help your users to find related or relevant articles in one place.


For example, If I am publishing blog posts related to plugins then I will arrange all related blog posts under the WordPress Plugins category. Whenever the user clicks on the WordPress plugins category he will see all related blog posts in one place.


So, arrange your blog posts in different categories. Always keep in mind that if you are creating category then, publish at least 1 blog post under that category.


Don’t keep it as empty categories because it will be considered as a “website under construction” by AdSense.


13. Publish Good Number Of Posts

How many blog posts should I publish before applying for AdSense? It is one most asked question but there is no confirmed answer.


But one thing is clear that Google loves high-quality content providing websites. You already know that what is high-quality content. Just write such articles.


I want to share my experience here, I published 10 high-quality articles of minimum 1000 words (some of them are over 2000+ words). Also, I created all of the essential pages. After that, I applied for AdSense and got approval in 6 days.


So, I recommend you to publish 10 to 15 articles. Try to cover each and every topic in the article to make it more informative. Make sure to write at least 750 word articles but I recommend you to write lengthy articles including all topics because they will more informative and convincing.


In short, “try to write better content than your competitors. And focus on content quality, not on content quantity.”


14. Improve Your Site Design

We all know that the first impression is the best impression. To grab your user’s or visitor’s attention your blog design matters a lot. Google loves a clean, professional, and fast-loading site design.


Just think, you visited a website with messy design, not properly arranged navigation, and full of banners. Will you visit it again in the future? I hope you will not.


So, you have to build a good first impression on your visitors to engage them.


Actually, the website or blog design is the biggest thing after content. It represents your expertise, experience, and professionalism. So, your blog design should have features like:


Simple and professional

Easy to navigate

Proper menus

Useful items or content on sidebar and footer

Properly arranged blog posts or other contents

SEO friendly

Fast loading

So, if your blog is not having good design start designing it today.


If you are on WordPress self-hosted blog then there are plenty of professional-looking themes available in the WordPress eco-system. If you are looking for simple, professional, lightweight, and fast loading themes then I recommend you to use Astra or GeneratePress or MyThemeShop themes.


You can also use the page or theme builders like Elementor, Divi builder, or Thrive Architect to build and design professional websites from scratch. They offer you all the features and functions you want.


Suppose if you are using free website building platforms like Blogspot then there are many great websites available in the market where you can find free and paid professional looking blogger templates for your blog.


“I recommend spending money on your blog to make money.”


Follow my detailed guide to start a blog to get AdSense approval quickly.


15. Use Top Level Domain

To build a user’s trust and unique identity you need to have a unique domain that species your blog. If you don’t have one yet, stop dreaming of getting AdSense approval with subdomains.


The unique and top-level domain will cost you around $10 – $15 per year. So, if you are using subdomains like (for Blogspot users) then go and buy the domain for your site.


Don’t forget to read the detailed guide on how to choose the best domain for your website.


There are many domain extensions available like .NET .IN .ORG, and etc. But the best domain is the one with .COM extension. So, choose a short, unique, and easy to remember domain that is related to your blog niche with .COM extension.


Nowadays, it is become difficult to buy a domain with .COM extension. Your first preference should be to buy the domain with .COM extension, if you don’t find .COM extension domain then get a domain with other extensions.


16. Disable Other Ad Networks Or Ads On Your Site

If you are using any other ads networks like, PropellerAds, or any other ad networks, then drop them off before applying for AdSense.


Even Google allows you to use other ad networks along with them, but it is better to remove all the placed ads before applying for AdSense. Also, don’t put them back until you get the AdSense approval which usually takes anywhere from a few days to weeks.


So, make sure to remove all the ads on your blog from other networks before submitting your application for AdSense.


17. Don’t Keep Any Post/Page In Draft

Before applying for AdSense it is mandatory to build a fully functional or developed website or blog. If you are keeping page, categories, menus, elements, and other elements empty on your site then it will be treated as “Under Construction”.


So, make sure to check each and every link, button, menu, and other elements on your site. If you find elements are not working properly then fix them.


Also, don’t keep any pages or posts in draft. Just publish them or delete them before applying for AdSense.


Google wants fully functional, well built, high-quality content providing sites to show its ads. So, make sure you build that one.


18. Create Social Pages And Publish Your Blog Posts

Creating social profiles is one of the most important things to do after installing WordPress.


Social Profiles are the best way to build a community for your blog or website and are like trust badges for your websites. You can post your blog articles to your social profiles on a regular basis to get decent traffic.


Creating Social profiles is the best and easiest way to connect with your audience. You can get attention by publishing Posts, Giveaways, Special Offers and more.


So, I recommend you to create a profile on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and the Facebook page. These are the popular social networks and get millions of visitors every single day.


If you build your community on these platforms then you can easily reach thousands of visitors. So, create recommended social profiles now and start to post your articles and build a community for your blog.


19. Your Site Should Be At-Least Six Months Old

Domain age or website age is another important factor in getting AdSense approval. In some Asian countries like India, AdSense has placed domain age restriction. That’s why they don’t accept the sites which are less than 6 months old.


But in my case, the domain age did not matter for me. Because I applied for the Google AdSense program when this website is 52 days(1.7 months) old and got approval.


I created this website on 8th October 2019 and applied for AdSense on 28th November 2019 and got the approval on 4th December 2019. While applying for the AdSense program, this site had 10 well-written articles, essential pages, and clean design with no third-party ad programs.


So, I understood that quality content is an important factor to get AdSense approval quickly. Because Google loves to show its ads on quality content providing websites.


If you also have a fully built website with high-quality content then apply for AdSense, you will definitely get approval.


20. Your Site Need Sufficient Traffic

Google usually rejects the site for not having enough traffic. So, it’s your responsibility to drive traffic to your blog or site.


You can drive free, quality, and organic traffic by writing SEO friendly articles. Also, you can drive traffic by publishing posts on social profiles, groups, Quora and etc.


If I tell my experience then from the day of creating a website to the day of applying for AdSense, this website had 353 users and 1690 pageviews. So, just drive a decent amount of traffic to your blog before applying for AdSense.


Your site traffic is directly proportional to your earning. If you are able to drive a huge quantity of traffic to your blog then you will earn a good amount of money from AdSense.


This is how you can build an AdSense friendly website to get approval faster.


Whether you had a website already or creating a new one, just follow these 20 points to build your website or blog. After that, you will definitely get Google AdSense approval in the first try.


How To Create Google AdSense Account?

Once your website met all the eligibility requirements of AdSense, you are ready to create an AdSense account.


Google AdSense allows one AdSense account per person. So you cannot have a 2 or more AdSense account under single Payee Name (Name).


So, follow or read each step carefully to create an AdSense account without any mistakes:


Step 1: Sign Up

First, you need to visit the AdSense sign up page.


Once you landed on the AdSense page, Click on SignUp.


How to create Google AdSense account

In the sign-up form you need to submit:


Your website URL (without HTTP:// or HTTPS://)

Your email address (Gmail address or business email address)

And check whether you want to receive customized help and performance suggestions from AdSense.

How to create Google AdSense account

NOTE: Here in this step don’t submit your website URL with HTTP:// or HTTPS://. And add the Gmail address that you use day to day or use the business email address to sign up with AdSense.


Make sure that, the submitting email address should not be used before to create the AdSense account.


Once you fill all the details, simply click on Save and Continue.


After that, select your country and read and accept AdSense terms and conditions.


And Click on Create Account.


How to create Google AdSense account

Step 2: Add Payment Address Details

After Signing up you will land on your AdSense account, where you will see the pop-up of a quick overview of how AdSense works. Just read it or Click on Get Started.


How to create Google AdSense account

In this step, you need to add your Payment Address Details. Here you need to select the account type and add your name (As it is in your Bank passbook), address and Phone number. And click on Submit.


How to create Google AdSense account

NOTE: While adding your name you need to add the same name as it is in your bank passbook. Because this name should match the bank account name that you are going to add as a payment method.


And add your address details properly, because when you reach the threshold of $10 AdSense will send you Account Activation code to that address. You need to add that activation code to get payments from AdSense. If you failed to add that activation code in 3 chances, your AdSense account will be suspended.


Step 3: Connect Your Site To AdSense

Once you add the payment address details, now you need to add Your AdSense Code to your website’s header section.


Just copy the provided AdSense code and go to your website and paste it in the website’s header section using the Insert Headers and Footers.


Once you successfully paste the code on your website, simply go back to AdSense account and check the box of I’ve pasted the code into my site. And click on Done.


How to create Google AdSense account

After that, you will see the pop-up of The code was found. If you did not see this message then you did not add the AdSense code properly.


After adding code into your website, the AdSense account activation process will start. Account activation will take time. This process usually takes 2 to 4 weeks or even a month. So, wait patiently.


This is how you can create an AdSense account properly. Until you get the approval, start writing unique & high-quality blog posts and drive traffic to your website.


How To Place AdSense Ads On WordPress Website?

You can place AdSense ads manually or using the plugin on your WordPress website. I personally use and recommend you to place AdSense ads using the Ad Inserter plugin.


Ad Inserter is a freemium plugin that makes it easier for you to manage any type of ads that you use on your WordPress websites, such as AdSense, Amazon Associates, and other ads. The best part of this plugin is that both Google and Amazon recommend this plugin for inserting ads.


Also, It is one of the must-have WordPress plugins right now.


Basically, this plugin helps you in 2 ways:


It will save you precious time and makes it easier for you to insert and manage your ads.

Also, the plugin offers you features like A/B testing, ad rotation, Adblock detection, and a lot more.

Now I will show you how you can place your AdSense ads on your website or blog using this plugin. Here I am using Ad Inserter free version. Free version plugin comes with a lot of features which makes it an excellent option for bloggers.


Step 1: Install The Ad Inserter Plugin

First, you need to install and activate the Ad Inserter plugin on your WordPress website. To do this, Go to the Plugins >> Add new and search for Ad Inserter.


Place Google AdSense ads in WordPress website

Step 2: Create A New Ad Block And Add Your AdSense Ad Code

After installing you will see Ad Inserter section under the WordPress Settings. Simply click on the Ad Inserter setting, which will take you to the Ad Inserter setting page.


Here you will see 16 blocks, there you can add the AdSense or other ads codes to show them on your website. Basically, the free plugin allows users to insert and manage 16 ads.


To insert an AdSense ad, simply go to your AdSense account and under Ads >> By Ad unit, select any one of ad format and create a new ad unit here.



After creating an ad unit click on Save and Get Code.


Place Google AdSense ads in WordPress website

Now copy the code that you have provided. And go back to your site and paste it on anyone of the Ad Inserter block.


Place Google AdSense ads in WordPress website

Place Google AdSense ads in WordPress website

Step 3: Automatically Inserting Your Ad-Block On Your Site

Once you have entered your ad code, Ad Inserter will help you to insert it pretty much anywhere on your site. This Automatic inserting feature is one of the most powerful features of the Ad Inserter.


With the free version of the plugin, you can automatically insert ads before or after:


A post


Specific paragraphs

Random paragraphs



Also, you can put them:


Near a specific element

Above your site’s header

In your site’s footer

Between comments, excerpts, and blog posts

At custom positions using hooks

You can also manually insert ads using Ad Inserter Shortcodes, Widgets, and PHP functions.


To automatically insert your ad on your site, you need to select an option from the Automatic Insertion dropdown:


Place Google AdSense ads in WordPress website

After that, you can configure that option. For example, once you selected the After paragraph option, all you have to do is enter the number of paragraphs after which the ad should be inserted and the alignment of the ad.


Don’t forget to Save the Settings.


Place Google AdSense ads in WordPress website

This is a quick guide to insert AdSense ads with Ad Inserter plugin. For a detailed guide stay tuned or simply refer the official guide to know complete Automatic Insertion option.


Following this method, you can insert and manage up to 16 different ads in different positions throughout your website.


The plugin even comes with some advanced features like:


Insert ads at custom hooks or CSS selectors

Ad Rotation

Simple spacing adjustments

Whitelists or Backlists for Ad targeting

Device-level targeting

Other misc settings

If you are not satisfied with free plugin features then you can buy the plugin which comes with even more advanced features like:


More blocks (Up to 96)

A/B testing

Ad Statistics

Sticky Ad Position

Country-level geotargeting and more

The plugin offers 4 different plans:


Personal – €20 use on 2 sites

Freelancer – €30 use on 5 sites

Business – €50 use on 25 sites

Corporate – €100 use on 100 sites

Ad Inserter Pro plans

For more details, visit the Ad Inserter Pro website.


This is how you can easily place Google AdSense ads on your WordPress website using Ad Inserter plugin. If you are facing any difficulties then simply visit the official website there you can find solutions.


How To Secure Your Google AdSense Account From Invalid Click Activity?

AdSense is one of the best and most popular choices of the publishers to monetize. But not only getting AdSense approval is difficult but also keeping AdSense account safe is a challenging task.


Due to Google’s strict policies and guidelines, many publishers have reported that their AdSense account is getting suspended because of Invalid Click Activity.


Any suspicious clicks or impressions included in increasing publishers’ AdSense income come under invalid click activity. This means if someone clicking on your AdSense ad frequently then AdSense will consider that particular click as Invalid click and immediately suspend your account.


As per Google:


“AdSense publishers are ultimately responsible for the traffic on their ads. For this reason, it’s critical that you diligently monitor your ad traffic to ensure that your account is compliant with our policies and not accruing invalid activity. If you see something suspicious after following the tips below, you’re welcome to notify us”.


So, it’s your responsibility to protect your AdSense account against invalid click activity.


For WordPress users, I recommend you to use AdSense Invalid Click Protector (AICP) plugin.


This is the best plugin for AdSense users to protect their accounts. Basically, this free plugin helps you to save your Google AdSense account from unusual invalid click activities and click bombings.


The plugin comes with features including:


Set maximum ad click limit

Block any visitor if he exceeds the mentioned click limit

Ban some countries from seeing the ads on your site

Ability to see the list of banned user details from the WordPress admin section

Ability to delete any banned IP one by one or in bulk approach

Ability to search any IP within the banned IP list

Admin dashboard widget to show the total number of banned users

So, just install and activate the AICP plugin on your WordPress website.


How to secure Google AdSense account

After activating the plugin you can see the AICP plugin section on the sidebar of the WordPress dashboard. Simply click on that, it will take you to the AICP page.


Here change the AICP settings according to your preferences. Once you finish with the settings click on save changes. This will complete the plugin setup. Now your AdSense account protected against invalid click activities.


How to secure Google AdSense account

This is one of the easiest methods to protect your AdSense account. Along with this method, please follow some important tips to avoid invalid click activity:


Never ever click on your own ads. Not even for testing or to check if ads are working fine and getting tracked. – I mean it!

Do not ask or provoke others (Friends & Family members) to click on your Google ads.

Never use any automatic software or scripts to click the ads.

Avoid partnering with low quality and untrusted websites or parties

Google is very advanced, so do not try to be over smart to increase your AdSense revenue with bullshit self-clicking methods. Otherwise, you will have to pay a heavy penalty in return.

Google needs high-quality websites to do business and to provide good values to the advertisers. That’s why it gives too much importance to the policy and guidelines. If you are caught in any case, your AdSense account will be suspended without any further notification. No matter it was your mistake or not. So, beware!


How & When Does Google AdSense Pay?

When your AdSense earning reaches the payment method selection threshold (i.e. $10), you can select your method of payment.


Depending on your location or payment address, the following payment options may be available for you:



Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)

Wire Transfer

Western Union Quick Cash

For Example: If you are from India, then Wire Transfer will be your payment method to receive the AdSense payments. Like that, choose the relevant payment method according to your location or Payment address.


Usually, Google AdSense pays you when your payment threshold reaches $100.


Before receiving payments from AdSense, you need to complete some steps:


provide your tax information (depending on your location)

Confirm your payee name and address

Verify your identity (using any government-issued ID card or bank statement or any other method)

Verify your address (Unique verification PIN will be sent to the payment address in your AdSense account after reaching the threshold of $10)

Select your form or method of payment

Meet the payment threshold ($100)

Once you complete all these steps and your current balance reaches the payment threshold ($100) by the end of the month, a 21 day payment processing period begins. After this processing period, AdSense will issue the payment.


For example: Let’s say the payment threshold for your account is $100. If your AdSense current balance reached $100 during February and you have completed all the above steps, then AdSense issues a payment at the end of March.


What To Do If Your Application Is Rejected?

I know you all tried hard to get AdSense approval. But, AdSense is still not getting approved.


In that case, don’t lose hope. Take your time to fix the issues on your blog that is mentioned by AdSense in rejection email and apply again.


Always keep in mind that you can apply again and again until you finally get approved by Google AdSense.


I wanted to share my experience. I applied for AdSense and did not get approval. The reason they mentioned in the email is “Our specialists have found that it does not meet our programme criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our programme.”


After reviewing my site thoroughly, I found that I did not change the Privacy policy page in the privacy setting page. That was the only mistake I did, after changing the privacy policy page in settings, I applied once again and got the AdSense approval.


So, when your application got disapproved, don’t lost hope and thoroughly check your site for above written eligibility requirements and read the AdSense policies. And apply once again and definitely, you will get approval.


After trying hard, still, you failed to get AdSense approval then apply for other ad networks.


There are other trusted and high paying ad networks available to monetize your website or blog. And they are not as hard as Google AdSense is in terms of getting approval.


Best Alternatives To Google AdSense:

Here are the best ad networks you can use to monetize your blog without AdSense.


1. Media.Net

Google AdSense alternative is the best alternative and direct competitor of AdSense.


Yahoo and Bing were running this ad network and it is one of the world’s largest contextual ad networks. And it is used by household names all over the world.


Like AdSense, its contextual ads allow you to monetize your blog with exclusive access to searches from the Yahoo and Bing network. Also, the marketplace gives you access to content-driven publishers, so that you can maximize your ad revenue and take advantage of a huge search market.


Sign up for

2. PropellerAds


PropellerAds is one of the top-performing and largest ad networks. It offers a range of adverts like banners, sponsored links, push-notifications, and more things.


The most loved thing about PropellerAds is its technology innovation. This self-serve platform is very easy to use with its simplified ad creator, which allows you to get your campaigns live with minimum efforts. Also, you can use its advanced features like targeting options and real-time performance measurements to improve your campaigns.


It also comes with an automated ad optimization feature, this is where your settings are fine-tuned by AI. This will give you the best number of conversions for each as without any manual efforts.


PropellerAds program is the best alternative to AdSense which pays really high.


Sign up for PropellerAds

3. Sovrn // Commerce (Formely VigLink)

Google AdSense alternative

Sovrn//Commerce (VigLink) is the best ad network for bloggers whose sites are linking out to a business or eCommerce website.


Basically, it converts all outgoing regular product links into affiliate links and allows you to generate passive income from clicks and resulting sales.


For example, if your site has money-related terms like Apple, iPhone, etc. VigLink will automatically convert these links into affiliate links, and you will end up making decent money.


The best part about VigLink is it is incubated by Google and it is a very SEO friendly ad program.


Sign up for VigLink

4. Infolinks

Google AdSense alternative

Infolinks is a global advertising solution for publishers worldwide.


Presently, it supports a marketplace of over 100,000 websites operating in 128 countries. And it can be integrated into your website in just a few minutes.


Infolinks ads are fully customizable and offer unique placement options to improve CTR without disturbing the look and feel of the website. Its smart algorithm will determine relevance and intent and deliver relevant ads at the right moments.


Sign up for Infolinks

These are some of the best and most popular alternatives to Google AdSense.


If your AdSense account is disabled, then use any one of these ad programs to monetize your blog. You can also use two or more ad networks to make more money from your blog. (For example, using with VigLink will help you to earn more money).


How To Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue?

It is one of the most asked questions from AdSense users. This is because AdSense earning is much lower compared to affiliate marketing earnings.


But there are some solutions available to boost your AdSense revenue.


Use proper ad placements

Use proper ad sizes

Try to get traffic from high CPC countries

Use AdSense for Search

Search for high keywords

Edit the design of your selected ads

Always monitor your results

Keep experimenting with ad placements

Apart from these tips, there is one genuine and most popular way to increase AdSense revenue. That is Ezoic.



Ezoic is the better way to make more money without needing to increase your blog traffic. Basically, this tool lets you test ad placements, sizes, and publishers to find the combination which makes you the most money.


Also, it certified the publishing partner of Google and other popular networks.


Boost Google AdSense revenue

Ezoic claims that most websites saw a revenue increase of at least 50% by implementing their optimization. You can see all Ezoic reviews here.


In fact, they already worked with over 21,000 websites and these websites increase their revenue by an average of 115%.


Ezoic offers tons of features to its users. Implementing those features, anyone can increase their AdSense revenue instantly.


Boost Google AdSense revenue

At first sight, Ezoic looks like a complicated tool. But it is not. To use this powerful tool you need to follow 5 steps:


Create an Ezoic account & Link it to your blog using any one of the methods

Add the Ezoic script to your blog’s header

Convert all existing ad units to serve via Ezoic, and create new ad units

Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange program

Start using the Ezoic Ad Tester

For your help, see this official video guide to know how to create an Ezoic account & how to integrate it with your WordPress website.


Already this guide is very lengthy, so I will post a complete Ezoic guide separately. Stay tuned!


But to help you, here I am proving some important links to Ezoic setup guides:


How to link your AdSense with Ezoic

Ezoic knowledge base (detailed guides)

Ezoic youtube channel to watch tutorials

You may be thinking that Ezoic is an expensive tool. But it is not.


Ezoic offers a free plan for bloggers. You can use this free plan for a lifetime but it has only one condition that “You have to agree to display a small Ezoic ad at the bottom of your page”.


If you don’t want to display the ad bottom of your page, then you can choose the Subscription plan. To use this plan Ezoic will charge $5% per month from you. Basically, if you earn $5000 monthly then the price will be $249 per month.


This plan comes with all the features and it best for bloggers to make more money from AdSense. If you don’t want to use this plan then use the free plan. If you start getting good results then switch to a paid plan.


Boost Google AdSense revenue

Using Ezoic you can increase the revenue of other ad networks like, PropellerAds, VigLinks, and other ad networks (If you are using these networks).


But there are some eligibility requirements to use Ezoic. Make sure that your blog meets all these eligibility requirements before signing up with Ezoic.


These are some methods to increase your AdSense revenue. I know the Ezoic guide is very short. But you will definitely get the most detailed guide to Ezoic (like this guide). Just stay tuned!


But I want to say one thing if your blog met eligibility requirements of Ezoic then you should try it now!!!


Boost AdSense Revenue With Ezoic

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already covered some of the frequently asked questions. But here I am listing some other important and frequently asked questions:


How many days does AdSense take to approve a blog?

There is no exact answer to this question. Basically, it depends on your website design, content quality, traffic, and many other things. But you can get quick approval if you read and implement the above written “How To Get Approval From Google AdSense Quickly?” section.


Can I click on my own Ads?

This is the biggest mistake you can make as an AdSense user. And it is a common mistake that many beginner bloggers do. If you are thinking to do this, please don’t do it. If you follow this practice to increase AdSense revenue, then Google will track your activity and suspend your account without any notification.


So, never click on your own ads. And kindly ignore some “Self-clicking AdSense earning methods” on social media.


Can I have multiple AdSense accounts?

No! You cannot. Google allows a single Adsense account for a person. So, you cannot have multiple AdSense accounts on your name. Suppose if you have, both accounts will be going suspend very soon.


My AdSense account got suspended, what do I do now?

If your AdSense account got suspended then obviously, you cannot have another account. But you can use your parent or guardian’s approved AdSense account but not on a previously approved website or domain.


This means, If I got AdSense approval on wpblogspace website then after getting suspended, I cannot use my parent’s AdSense account on this same website.


Also, you can use other ad networks like, PropellerAds, Infolinks, VigLink to monetize your site in absence of AdSense.


How much can I earn from AdSense?

There are no such earning limitations in AdSense. As far as you are providing quality-content, getting traffic, following AdSense program policies and terms & conditions, you will be going to earn money.


Can I monetize multiple sites under a single AdSense account?

Yes! AdSense allows you to add multiple sites in association to the same account. This will enable you to monitor and manage your sites from the same place, saving you precious time. To know how to manage all your sites in a single AdSense account click here.


How do I increase Clickthrough Rates (CTR) in AdSense?

Clickthrough Rate(CTR) in Google AdSense is the number of clicks your ad received vs the number of times the ad displayed.


If your site has 100 pageviews and your ads receive 5 clicks, then your site’s CTR will be 5%. CTR can be as low as 0.05% and it cannot be higher if it is then it will be considered as Click Bombing and there will be a chance of account suspension.


There are a few things that you need to focus on to get higher CTR for your sites to increase AdSense revenue:


Ad positioning

Ad color

Ad Format and Size

Image or text ads

Multiple units

If you focus on these things and optimize your site and ads then you can easily increase CTR in AdSense. If you don’t want to do it manually then you can use Ezoic to boost your AdSense revenue from day one.


Why is there a decline in my AdSense revenue?

If you ever notice a dip in your AdSense earnings then you should check 4 engagement metrics in the performance tab of your AdSense account:


Clickthrough rate (CTR)

Cost per click (CPC)

Page revenue per thousand impressions (page RPM)


These 4 things will cause a dip in your AdSense revenue. If you want to know more please visit the AdSense blog.


If you have any other questions regarding AdSense then please let me know in the comment section. Also, if you have both questions and answer then comment below, it will help others.


This completes our most detailed Google AdSense guide.


I hope it will help you know about AdSense, getting quick AdSense approval, safe your AdSense account, and to boost your AdSense revenue.


If you really loved this article or this article helped you then please, share this article on your social accounts to help others also.


As a blogger, it is my responsibility to publish such detailed articles. But as a motivational source, I only need your shares, comments, and support. Thank you 🙂


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