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Digital marketing is a combination of words one is Digital and another is Marketing (Advertising). In simple phrases, Digital means anything that you can see or hear from an electronic device such as a TV, mobile phone, or radio. Marketing manner to apprehend the wishes of the client and provide the products or offerings accordingly.


Digital Marketing is done as a way to reach a focused audience to research their demands, promote products and offerings, and create emblem awareness using distinct digital platforms present online. It is particularly carried out on the Internet.


Digital Marketing is the period used for the focused, measurable, and interactive advertising of services or products the use of virtual technologies to attain the viewers, turn them into customers, and maintain them.

So, how is virtual advertising exclusive to traditional advertising and marketing?

The traditional way of marketing involved businesses putting up for sale their services or products on print media, radio and television commercials, enterprise cards, invoice boards, and in lots of different similar approaches wherein Internet or social media websites were now not employed for advertising. Traditional advertising and marketing rules had limited client reachability and scope of riding customers’ buying behavior.

Digital marketing achieves the objectives of advertising a business through distinct online channels.